Sunday, January 08, 2006

Star Wars Duvet Covers, Sobriety, Beeping, Cat Food and Other Tribulations

HA - the new CAT POWER album, THE GREATEST has finally arrived on iTunes, making it possible for me to purchase it without having to leave this delightful, sleepy hamlet. I urge you all to get hold of a copy and enjoy the genius of this most criminally underrated songwriter. Try also her previous albums - trust me, if you want music to drink whiskey in the dark to, this lady's the one for you!

Ignoring my stupid and depressing lovelife (and my equally stupid and depressing worklife) the new year has been kind to both me, and the town of Aberystwyth. It's cold, but the swallows have returned and are found each night at dusk swarming around the pier like the largest, fastest cloud of nebulous darkness you ever saw. The pubs are empty as are wallets, and new year's resolve is taking the wind out of the sails of fine establishments such as Scholars, The Castle, The Nag's Head, fine and warm places all... Thanks to a visit from mother, my flat has been reclaimed from dust, grime, filthy dishes, take-out cartons from the Honoured Guest, and other squalid detritus. She also bought me some new teat-towels. Great Xmas present, Mam, cheers!

So, barely drinking, no drugs, and an attempt to stay away from mental women: these are the heralds of a new year. Actually, the sobriety's working out real well (except for mum's visit - more on that later). I have energy in the morning, and, sugar-rushes aside, am much less grouchy and impatient; these last traits are something in myself I'm becoming more and more aware of. I used to to think I was incredibly laid-back and relaxed; turns out I'm a high-strung curmudgeon. Nice.

So mum came to visit, and Cathleen very kindly agreed to babysit for a couple of hours whilst we went for a drink. Mum being mum, she outshone me wonderfully at every pub we went into, culminating in a hilarious encounter with Fern in Rummers, who asked me who my new girlfriend was and then proceeded to give mum a big hug and buy her a drink. Mum, who hasn't been out in Aber before was a little taken aback, but soon settled into the swing of things. I suspect she'll be back soon, but that she won't require me as an escort...


Blogger paulhd said...

Waht, you didn't know you were an impatient curmudgeon? Wow.
What I really want to know is where these 'teat-towels' can be bought, I want one.

10:46 PM  
Blogger paulhd said...

Hmmm, 'waht' mean 'what' BTW.

10:47 PM  
Blogger Liam said...

Thinking about it - I prefer Teat Towels. They're really useful for mopping up after heavy lactation. I mean, pull the udder one...

10:11 AM  

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